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Effective Communication Skills - Module 2

Started: August 20th 2019

Effort: 45 minutes

Price: Ksh. 1000

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About this Course

Welcome to the course Introduction to Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace. This course is suited for anyone who would like to be better at using their communication skills in the workplace. The focus of this course is on how to communicate more effectively in the workplace and how to get along better with oneself and other people. It offers opportunities to discover who we are as communicators and how what we say, and how we say it, can change our lives, and the lives with whom we interact.

We do recommend that you set aside at least 45-60 minutes to enable you to complete each module and that you make time soon after the course to think about your own personal goals and how you can apply these techniques during your working day. The course is a combination of information and video clips. You will find short quizzes every so often. You will have to complete the quiz before you can progress to the next part of the course.


Effective communication is a soft skills course and is recommended for working professionals as well as workers who are looking to improve their communication skills and manage their interactions better.

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