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Introduction to Principles of Agile Project Management

Started: August 2nd 2021

Effort: 45 minutes

Price: Ksh. 1000

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About This Course

Welcome to the Building an Agile Workplace course. This is a comprehensive, interactive beginner’s course that focuses on the most common Agile methodology, Scrum. The course can be used by companies and individuals alike to grow their knowledge, understanding and implement an Agile workplace. Agile helps tackle issues around project delivery processes, decreased rigidity and can be used by individuals and organizations alike. This is not a technical course but is rather easy to follow and providers the learner with the various knowledge checks to ensure their understanding.

Agile methodologies are being adopted by big technology companies (Amazon & Google), in healthcare, e-commerce, education and travel to develop their internal rigor & processes, ensure client satisfaction and ultimately increase revenue.

So, what is stopping you, buy the course below to join this long list ofs organizations that use Agile to increase the efficiency, productivity, and success of their businesses.

The video below offers a sample of the content that you will interact with in this course

Meet the trainer

Pratima Omondi

Pratima Omondi

A healthcare provider with a Master’s in information technology. Her technical experience has allowed her to travel to healthcare organizations across the United States and learn how different facilities utilize Agile. She is fluent in Agile project management methodologies and has a certification in Scrum. Pratima is currently working towards receiving her Project Management Certification. She has trained and led a team of ten developers and creatives and is currently working as an Agile Consultant in Nairobi, Kenya. Her training style is one that allows for collaboration, utilizes real life examples, videos and scenarios that cater to individuals various learning styles and allow for a deeper understanding Pratima is positive, driven and believes in the transforming power of the Agile principals of frequent collaboration, trust, and self-motivation.


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