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Maarifa Facilitator Training Course

Ended: December 26th 2021

Effort: 30 Mins


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About This Course

Maarifa is a Swahili word meaning ‘a plan to get over a difficulty.’ Living with any chronic disease is difficult. Living with HIV often means living with stigma and discrimination or living in isolation because of keeping one’s status a secret. It is an overwhelming burden, especially during adolescents. Maarifa teaches adolescents living with HIV, that with Jesus as your foundation all things are possible, and that we are all children of God and made for a purpose. From that life-giving platform Maarifa discusses self-acceptance, adherence, making good choices, stigma & discrimination, disclosure, puberty, relationships and much more.

Maarifa is a curriculum that seeks to create transformational impact in the emotional and spiritual lives of adolescents living with HIV. The six parts of the curriculum, opener, devotion, play, discussion, express yourself, and the take away, keep the material fresh by covering the topics in variety of ways.

If you interact with adolescents living with HIV and want to see them learn to live positively, not spread the virus and follow Christ, please enroll in this course.

Included in the Maarifa Facilitator Training course:

a) An explanation of the material covered in the Maarifa curriculum

b) How to use the curriculum

c) The framework for the curriculum

d) How to facilitate the course most effectively

e) Tips about implementation

If you have questions while taking the course you are welcome to email

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