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Time Management 1

Started: October 10th 2018

Effort: 1 Hour

Price: Ksh. 1000

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About this course

Time Management is a self paced course that will guide you on how to effectively and efficiently manage your time. In this module, participants will cover half of the basic principles and techniques for effective time management. The course equips you with skills to help you manage your time better so that you can be more productive and effective at work.


Time management is a soft skills course and is recommended for working professionals as well as workers who are looking to manage their time better and be more productive through the day.

Meet the trainer


Lucy Brewster

Lucy is an experienced, professional Training Consultant with 20 years of international experience. She heads up Lantern Training, which specialises in developing tailor-made and innovative training programmes for Kenyan organisations. Previously Lucy was a Board Director for a global communications company, providing advisory, consultancy and training for many international companies. Her speciality lies in helping corporate teams and individuals to build interpersonal and professional skills through practical application and she is well respected for her innovative training methods and inspirational training style. Her tailor-made training programmes include sales, communication, management and leadership, customer service and time management.

Frequently asked questions

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What should I expect to learn in this course?

The topics covered in this module will equip you with the skills to prioritise your work better, learn to be assertive, manage deadlines and many other principles in time management.

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