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Time Management 2

Started: October 20th 2018

Effort: 45 minutes

Price: Ksh. 1000

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About this Course

We hope by now that you have completed the first of our two-module course on Time Management. If not, go back to the list of courses to apply.

This course is suited for anyone who would like to be more efficient and productive at work and perhaps have a better work/life balance. This course is the second of two modules that cover a wide variety of techniques, skills and shifts in attitudes to help learners improve their time management skills. This course is self-paced, and you can begin and complete it in your own time. We do recommend that you set aside at least 45 to one hour to enable you to complete the second module and that you make time soon after the course to think about your own personal goals and how you can apply these techniques during your working day.

Look forward to learning more about the following:

a). Overcoming Procrastination

b). Eat that Frog!

c). Theory No 3 - Parkinson’s Theory

d. Theory No 4 – Meeting Deadlines – Hofstader’s theory

e). Theory No 6 - Managing Workload – OHIO

f). Delegating not Dumping

g). Organising your Workspace

h). Managing Emails

i). Using your Circadium Rhythm

j). Setting Rituals

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