About Erevuka

Erevuka is a Swahili word meaning to acquire knowledge or to become smart or clever.

We developed Erevuka to help individuals and companies access quality, convenient and consistently delivered training to boost their productivity and impact their business bottom line.

Individuals Looking to Improve their Skills

At Erevuka our mission is to provide high quality, affordable career based training to assist you in advancing your career. Erevuka has joined with industry leading professionals, lecturers and trainers to develop world class online training courses that will enable you to achieve your career ambitions. We welcome you to view the courses page and see what courses would help you gain new skills.

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Companies Looking to Train Staff / Customers / Partners

For companies looking to provide training efficiently, Erevuka makes it easy to deliver training courses, manage all training activities, evaluate employee performance, train clients and partners on products, or sell courses online.

With Erevuka, your audience will get to train from an interactive site that allows them to learn from other professionals taking similar courses to them exposing them to different perspectives. Contact us today on the form below and we will schedule a suitable time to give you a demo of Erevuka.

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